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I have broad shoulders, my thighs have no gap, and my arms giggle every time I wave hello. The old me would never step foot in front of someone else's camera in my underwear. Even though I spent years working as a boudoir photographer and preaching self love and body confidence, I could never imagine a photoshoot of this nature for myself, without instantly picking apart every single thing I didn’t like about my body and talking myself out of the idea. I’m still working on loving this body of mine, some days are far easier than others but I’m happy to say that today, instead of picking myself apart over things I once saw as imperfections, I see a beautiful woman with my own eyes. I can't express how freeing that feels... how empowering it is to truly embrace who you were made to be no matter what image this world tries to throw at you. 
   I know that a boudoir shoot is more than just pretty photos displayed in a beautiful album, because I myself have experienced a boudoir shoot. I know first hand how empowering the experience can be with the right photographer. 
   My mission, is to be your permission granter that whispers to you: YOU ARE ENOUGH GIRL FRIEND! You want to know what lights me up about boudoir photography? Making women feel, own and celebrate their enough-ness. Creating a photographic experience where beauty is the source of confidence and not anxiety is what I do best a photographer. I want to give you permission to fall in love with yourself and your photographs and to inspire you to see yourself as you truly are-BEAUTIFUL. 
   I wish that every female could feel free in her own body... feel free in her beautiful, imperfectly-perfect, radiant skin. Tall or short, athletic build or curvy, flat-chested, big boobs, and everything in between. Whatever you are rocking babe, embrace it you deserve to celebrate you!



"The most beautiful curve on a women's body is her smile."-Bob Marley

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1 sexy outfit captured during a 1 hour photoshoot

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2-3 sexy outfits captured during a 2 hour photoshoot

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 3 hour stylized photoshoot complete with hair &

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What is a boudoir party and how does it work? 

Hint: It’s the sexiest most empowering party ever.

What exactly is a boudoir party you ask? Only the best party ever! A boudoir party is a fantastic way to spend the day with your friends. And if you’re like most women and find yourself a little nervous about boudoir, having your friends cheering you on during your shoot is the best way to bring out your inner bombshell!

Whether you are planning a bachelorette party, birthday celebration or just a girl’s night out (or day), a boudoir party is the perfect way to pamper yourself!

No matter where you are on the boudoir spectrum, either completely intimidated or fiercely courageous about the idea of getting photographed in your underwear, a boudoir party is a fun body positive way to celebrate yourself and your girl squad!