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I'M RACHEL Smak!   

I’ve always been a little unconventional. That’s why when I had the opportunity to photograph my first wedding in the summer of 2007, I left behind my stuffy corporate finance job picked up a $500 camera and chased after the dream of being my own boss. ⠀⠀
   I had no idea how to go about the task of documenting such an important day, I didn’t really know what I was doing (literally), but I figured it out as I went along. In the first few months, I learned the difference between shooting RAW versus jpeg, that my relatives while a free choice in labor, didn’t make for the best second photographers, and that coffee shops were noisy places to hold potential client meetings.
   With no formal training or college degree, I learned everything about photographing people, making others feel comfortable in front of a camera and story telling through personal experience. I had my self doubts at first, but I plugged along because I was in love with the fluidity of shooting to create and tell a story, the way my camera made my soul come alive, and the emotions and meaning weddings held for my clients.  ⠀
   Wedding photography for me is more than just showing up, posing people and clicking a button and over 10 years later, I’m still falling in love with my craft and my clients every time I pick up my camera.



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As a wedding photographer I know, 

that a single photo may be beautiful, but a series of images that are carefully crafted into a narrative can have an exponential impact in allowing my couples to relive their wedding journey. What I do as a photographer is more than capturing the single moments of your wedding in a series of images. I specialize in showcasing the experience of a couple’s wedding day through experiential photography, allowing expression to occur organically through movement in order to capture genuine moments.
   When your flowers have died, the cake has been eaten, the guests go home, and the dress has been cleaned, boxed, and put away—what you have left from the day you’ve dreamed of your entire life are your photographs.
   From behind the lens I visually narrate the story of the day you got married but my natural intuitive ability to connect and guide brides, grooms, wedding attendants (and reluctant family members!) helps alleviate the awkwardness of being photographed! My approach is relaxed, fun, and focused on creating an atmosphere of romance, joy, playfulness, and poignancy. 
   As an experiential photographer my best tool isn’t just my camera and my passion for creative storytelling, but rather my ability, honed over the course of shooting 300+ weddings, to make being the subject of your own story feel comfortable and authentically you! 





The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things. But their inward significance.-Aristotle